Bring The Christian Music Challenge into the Classroom

Why it is so important to me that you teach The Christian Music Challenge to your students?

I believe the principles taught in this thirty-day, 1-minute video a day, devotional can be life changing for the students, teachers, and parents at your school.

I have taught these principles to more than one million people at schools, churches, conventions, and festivals throughout the United States for more than 35 years and have seen the power of the Holy Spirit use these simple principles change lives for eternity.

My desire is to teach others to teach others (II Tim 2:2). That’s why I’m GIVING this Challenge to the ACSI teachers absolutely free of charge. I’ve put all the information you will need for a successful 30-day Christian Music Challenge here.

This course is designed to teach all ages 5th grade through adult:

  1. How to think biblically.
  2. And how to make wise choices—especially entertainment choices.

It is strongly suggested that you include your students’ parents in this Challenge. This will help the parent have “dinner table” discussions with their children while the teacher is discussing the same topics with their students.

This thirty day, 1-min daily video devotional with the provided discussion questions can serve as a simple 5-minute a day addition to a Bible class, worldview class, or homeroom.

National spiritual renewal begins with one student, one family, one school, and one church at a time. Let it start with you and your class.

Everything You’ll Need For A Successful 30-day Christian Music Challenge:

  1. Each classroom will need a video projector or a system to forward the videos to the students’ tablets.
  2. Pray that this will be more than a simple lesson. Ask God to make it a dynamic spiritual process. If it is, you will serve as a major catalyst to change hearts and lives for eternity.
  3. Email to parents. This is a sample email inviting the parents of the students in your class to join with their child in taking the Challenge.
  4. Student Inventory/questionnaire “A Bit About Me.” This is to be given to your students at least one day before starting the Christian Music Challenge in your class. This is a “general” inventory of the student’s likes and habits. The teacher should pay close attention to the answers on entertainment and media choices.
  5. Download and review the Christian Music Challenge curriculum. This is the overall curriculum to follow.
  6. Discussion starters. These are optional questions to help you discuss the daily video devotional.
  7. Download the “God Wants Us to Sing to Him” mini-poster. You may want to post them in the class or hand a copy to the class.
  8. Download the Psalm 101:3 desktop sign. You may want to print a copy for each student. Many classes have one posted on each school computer.
  9. Watch The Teeter Totter Principle. This is the video of an important concept used in The Christian Music Challenge. It is explained in detail in the book, but this 5-minute video from my parenting seminar will give you the basics to teach it to your students in your own words and personality.
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As you begin The Christian Music Challenge, I strongly encourage each teacher to teach the Teeter Totter Principle to your class and possibly make a poster so you can refer to it when students ask you such questions as “What do you think about XYZ song or TV program or movie or game?” Your best response is, “I don’t know; where does it fit on our teeter totter?” Never expressing your opinion, allow students to think for themselves. This 5-minute video from my parenting seminar will give you the basics to show your students in your own words and personality.

The Christian Music Challenge will help you understand why it’s important to reverence the Lord. Singing in your heart to the Lord can help you keep your focus on Him and help you find His “Perfect Peace.” (Isaiah 26:3)

The Christian Music Challenge

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It’s because of friends like you that we are able develop this life–changing challenge. Your tax–deductible gift will directly impact the spiritual lives of many.

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