Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Christian Music Diet work?

The Christian Music Diet™ is simple. Listen exclusively to Christian music for thirty days while eliminating all forms of entertainment that are against biblical values. That’s all there is to it. It sounds simple and for many it will not be a big deal. The Christian Music Diet™ will simply reinforce what you are presently doing.

For others, however, The Christian Music Diet™ will be a traumatic experience, as it illustrates how tight a grip entertainment has on your life. For many giving up ‘ungodly’ entertainment – even for just thirty days will be like kicking drugs. But like the druggie who is addicted to drugs, take it one day at a time. You can do it! Don’t give up! That is why we have this website and devotional – to help you do it.

For the next 30 days, we will send you articles and Scriptures to help you see entertainment in a new light – from a biblical perspective; as well as helping you develop a new appreciation for the value of Christian music. Each day we provide a short illustration, a question or two to help you digest what you read, a suggested action for you to take, and conclude this daily devotional with a supporting Scripture and application.

Couldn't I just cut down on the bad entertainment and entertain myself with good entertainment?

Yes you could, but the reason I suggest such a drastic lifestyle change is to give you an opportunity to experience life from a biblical perspective. Research shows the vast majority of Christians are so immersed in the values of this world through our entertainment choices that we often we unable to discern the difference between what is offensive to God and what is not. We need to completely withdraw from this immersion of entertainment to see it from God’s perspective. I’m afraid Christians often make entertainment decisions without a thought of how they might affect our spiritual lives.

The Bible commands us to set our mind on things above. Music is a mind-setter; why not allow it to set our minds on life from a godly perspective? As we do, at the same time, we need to make a stand against negative entertainment. This is the essence of The Christian Music Diet™.

It is our hope you will begin to see life from a biblical perspective. Remember, we are not saying the answer to life is Christian music. Nor is secular entertainment the problem! The answer is Jesus and the problem is sin. ThisChristian Music Diet™ will simply help you keep your focus on the Answer of Life.

It’s not magic, nor is it some ecstatic experience. It is simply common sense. The Christian Music Diet™ is simply a means to help you set your mind on “things above instead of on this earth.” When you do, you will be at peace. What have you got to lose? Thirty days?

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The Christian Music Diet™ is like washing your brain with God’s Truth. When you do, we believe you will have a clearer understanding of the kind of entertainment that is healthy for your spiritual life.

Aren’t you advocating Brainwashing?

Yes! We are advocating brainwashing! You must remember brainwashing isn’t always a bad thing. Brainwash, wash brain, CLEAN BRAIN. It is our hope and prayer that our Christian Music Diet™ helps you develop a clean brain. A clean brain is sensitive to the things that are offensive to a Most Holy God.

Our 30-day devotional will provide you with a daily source of encouragement as it “scrubs your brain.”

You will find many of the articles are directed to parents as they lead their families. If you are a single adult or a teen, hopefully you will be able to glean biblical principles to help you in your daily walk with Christ.

It is our prayer The Christian Music Diet™ will be more than a legalistic set of rules. Our prayer is the CMD™ will become a life changing experience for you, your family, and friends.

Will you accept The Christian Music Diet™ Challenge? Come on! Join us on a potential life-changing journey.

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