About Al Menconi Ministries

What is Al Menconi Ministries?

Al Menconi Ministries is an evangelical, non-denominational, 501 c-3 not-for-profit ministry designed to help parents and youth workers understand and communicate biblical values to young people.

Our mission is to educate and equip Christian parents, leaders, and youth to consider the values communicated in their entertainment and encourage choices consistent with God’s Word. We accomplish this by providing practical, balanced resources on today’s entertainment for the church, school, and home. We like to emphasize the words “practical” and “balanced” because we challenge our audience to think, not merely tell them what to think.

I believe that God has truly gifted Al Menconi and given him an important message for our day. Parents and teens alike are both challenged and encouraged to think through their entertainment choices, to determine whether or not those things are helping or hindering their walk with Christ.

Miles DeBenedictus, Pastor, Calvary Chapel of Escondidio

Al specializes in speaking about today’s culture and its impact on someone with a biblical worldview. Al’s message is contemporary, articulate, research-based, enthusiastic, and biblical. I highly recommend Al for any convention or conference setting.

Dr. Randy Ross, ACSI Ohio River Valley Regional Director

Al is one of our most popular speakers at our Sacramento ACSI Teachers Convention. His seminars are always packed with teachers and administrators who are looking for help in communicating values to their students.

Rohn Ritzema, ACSI Northern California Regional Director

Al’s Story

Al spent more than ten years in Christian education as a teacher, coach, counselor, and administrator. During that time, he spoke at churches and Christian schools, helping families understand they can win the spiritual war for their children’s minds. In 1982, Al started Al Menconi Ministries speaking across America full time. Al became a recognized expert in understanding today’s youth and helping parents and leaders understand, connect, and communicate values to their kids.

Al has appeared on numerous radio and television programs including The 700 Club, many programs on the TBN and CBN networks, The Minirth-Meier Radio Clinic, Armed Forces and Moody radio networks, and countless other radio and TV interviews.

Al has written extensively on today’s entertainment media and parent/child communications. He has authored a number of books related to these issues. He has been a regular columnist for Homelife, Living With Teenagers, and Crosswalk.Com, and has appeared in Christian Parenting Today, Moody Monthly, Christian Reader, CCM, Plugged In, Focus on the Family, AFA Journal, Dad’s Only, and scores of other Christian periodicals. Al became a Christian in 1971.

After teaching in San Diego Public School system from 1970 to 1972, he started teaching at Christian Unified School of San Diego in 1972 to 1982.

Al founded Al Menconi Ministries in 1982 as an evangelical, non-denominational Christian ministry based in Carlsbad, CA. Al lives in Carlsbad with his wife, Jan, who teaches at Santa Fe Christian Schools.

Al and Jan have two adult daughters and two grandsons.

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