Al has taught the principles outlined in this book for more than thirty years. Read personal testimonies of many changed lives and learn about the many times God used music throughout the Bible. The biblical principles in this book can change your life for eternity!
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The Problem

71% of Americans claim to be Christians, yet only 7% exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit in their lives.


Most of us are searching for peace, joy, hope, security, and purpose…all of this apart from God.

The Solution

In Isaiah 26:3, God promises that we will have His peace if we keep our minds on Him. The best way I know to keep our focus on Christ throughout our day is with a song in our heart.

What People Are Saying

When I took your Christian Music Challenge™ the Lord began to work. All my horror novels went into the garbage. My mouth got purified. The more I listened to Christian music, the less I liked secular music. It became so offensive to me that I dumped it all. Then the little sins were obliterated. Taking the [Christian Music Challenge™] changed our lives. MICHELLE, HOUSTON, TX

The Christian Music Challenge
will help you understand why it’s important to reverence the Lord.

Singing in your heart to the Lord can help you keep your focus on Him and help you find His “Perfect Peace.” (Isaiah 26:3)

The Christian Music Challenge

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