Take The Christian Music Challenge.
Transform America.

Only transformed people in the hands of God can transform society. We believe that Christ‑honoring music helps bring about that transformation in you.


Not So Fast!

For the next 30 days, listen to Christian Music and avoid negative entertainment choices! What is negative entertainment? If in doubt, leave it out. It’s that simple! AND IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!
Every day for the next 30 days, you will receive 1-minute video devotionals that share the value of listening to Christian music. After each 1-min devo, you will watch a music video from one of the top Christian music artists.
Isaiah 26:3 says that when we keep our focus on God, we will have His peace. I can’t think of a better way to keep our minds (and hearts) focused on Christ than by listening to Christian music throughout the day. In other words when we listen to and sing to the Lord in our heart it will REFRESH our soul. When this happens, we will become a positive influence on our neighbors and others with whom we come in contact.
As more believers understand the positive influence Christian music can have on their lives, their neighbors and others will see Christians as a positive transforming influence in our communities rather than people whose faith forms a political action committee (PAC). When that happens, we may even become a catalyst for spiritual transformation in America (John 13:35).

FREE! Take The 30-Day Christian Music Challenge, refresh your soul.

Understand God’s purpose for Christian music and incorporate it into your daily life with our free 30-day series of short video devotionals.

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Al Menconi has taught the principles outlined in this book for more than thirty years. Read Al’s personal testimony and the personal testimonies of many changed lives and learn how This Christian Music Challenge can help you renew your mind and give you peace and purpose in this chaotic world. Bottom line, the biblical principles taught in this book can transform your life for eternity!

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The Christian Music Challenge

Singing in your heart to the Lord can help you keep your focus on Him and help you find His “Perfect Peace.”
Isaiah 26:3

The Christian Music Challenge

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It’s because of friends like you that we are able develop this life–changing challenge. Your tax–deductible gift will directly impact the spiritual lives of many.

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